The New Virtual You is an internet based marketing  company that targets entrepreneurs and companies with five or fewer active employees.  As a small business, we strive to keep entrepreneurs and small businesses in the forefront of the foundation of America’s economic structure.

Our services are one of many that is offered by McClinon LLC and Networking Credit. This serves as a model of the importance of entrepreneurs and businesses establishing a fortress of cooperation to use the internet as the most marketing tool. We do this by referring businesses to one another, e-commerce, social media, marketing and advertising. Word of mouth may never be replaced. The means of communication is consistently changing and being developed everyday. Business referral may result in improvement of services, marketing, information and economic growth that is not targeted by larger corporations. Most importantly, business referral may increase the bottom line of entrepreneurs and small businesses. This is what makes us unique. One of the non-visible means of an increase in economic growth for small businesses is the use of e-commerce. Services and products are advertised and marketed at a lower cost when the internet is more widely used. Cash flow is often an obstacle for many small businesses. If services and products are paid electronically this decreases the chances of no payment at all. The greatest advantage of using e-commerce is the use of payment in advance. A client or customer who pays in advance often serve a sign of one who is more likely to take a small business more seriously. It also reminds small businesses of their love for what they do. Pressure to get the job done makes all the difference in referrals of one small business to another.